Urethane Rep Set.

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Made from hard-wearing urethane, this rep set is guaranteed to stay looking good and deliver long-lasting results.

Manufactured from high-quality urethane which makes these rep sets long-lasting and durable. The urethane end caps on the Hollow Bar help protect studio floors from damage if sets are dropped from a height.

Vibrant, engaging colors make weight identification quick and easy, meaning minimal time is wasted when changing loads between sets. The Hollow Bar is strong and will not bend, even when more advanced members use heavier loads.

To keep the Urethane Rep Sets tidy and easily accessible for members, store them on one of our dedicated racks. Choose between the 30 Rep Set Rack (ESC300RACKS) or a 10 Rep Set Rack (PARSR02).

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2 x 2.75 lbs Urethane Plates – Pink.
2 x 5.5 lbs Urethane Plates – Green.
2 x 11 lbs Urethane Plates – Blue.
2 x 1¼” Rep Set Clamp Collars with protective rubber inserts.
1¼” Hollow Bar (pictured on the right) with urethane end caps to help protect flooring.

ESC300RACKS: Size: 56” x 30” x 68”.
PARSR01: Size: 63” x 25” x 30”.

Rep Sets not included with racks.

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