The world's most famous bar made even better – for the ultimate lifting experience.

Eleiko is well known in professional weightlifting and powerlifting communities for the quality and performance of its barbells. Eleiko equipment is chosen when performance and precision matter. We have 60 years of development and manufacturing experience, a wealth of knowledge, and a passion for the sport. We are proud to introduce a new generation of barbells the Eleiko NxG Collection; bars we are confident will take your lifting to the next level. 

The Eleiko Feeling
Lifters frequently refer to the “Eleiko Feeling” as the thing that sets Eleiko apart. It is a term used to describe how our bars’ flexibility, grip, and sleeve rotation seamlessly combine to give you an unparalleled lifting experience. For our next generation of bars, we looked at each of these traits and worked tirelessly to make them even better. Our next generation raises the bar on “The Eleiko Feeling” transitioning to a unique experience that allows lifters to become one with the bar. 

Crafting the next generation of perfection
Our next generation of bars combine our manufacturing and engineering expertise with feedback from top athletes around the world to create an even better product. Made of ultra-clean Swedish steel, the Eleiko NxG bars feature a re-engineered, dustproof sleeve for greater longevity; refined knurling, and optimized rotation for superior performance at all loads. 

Re-engineered Sleeves
The re-engineered sleeve is a crucial part of our new and enhanced bar design. We improved the bearing construction, modified our greasing processes, and incorporated a dustproof seal making our sleeves more durable. These enhancements positively impact bar performance and your experience as a lifter and bar owner. Our new design minimizes wear on crucial parts, extends the lifetime of the bars, and makes sure that greased components stay well lubricated for years with minimal maintenance. 

Sleeve rotation is particularly essential to a great lifting experience. It is an area we have spent considerable time perfecting, in particular how the sleeve performs under load. Great rotation is not demonstrated on an empty sleeve, it is reflected in how well sleeves rotate when a bar is loaded with discs during a lift. Great rotation is the magic that happens when you hit a lift with control, feeling connected to the bar, especially under heavy load. The rotation in our NxG bars offers more control and the rotation is more both smooth and stable, giving you a more complete and precise lifting experience. 

Refined and Optimized Grip
Grip is also a critical factor in a great bar. Eleiko bars are known for their firm but not too sharp grips, which allow you to perform lifts with complete contact and no slippage. Eleiko’s next generation of bars offer more knurling options specifically refined and perfected to meet the varying needs of our growing and diversifying user groups. Eleiko NxG offers this range to enhance the feel and performance for all categories of lifters. 

Improved Strength and Flexibility 
Our unique Eleiko steel is known for its exceptional balance of strength and flexibility specifically optimized for lifting. The next generation of bars improves upon flexibility while pushing the strength and quality of the steel to another level. Our outstanding recipe remains unchanged, but we have improved our hardening process and enhanced our surface treatment to further enhance steel purity and quality. Steel traits are important as the strength and flexibility of a bar work in unison with your rhythm to give optimal flexibility or spring. Our changes add control and give you a more connected feeling to the bar throughout the entire lift and at all loads. 

Eleiko NxG: The ultimate experience
Our goal is to create the best bars on the planet. We are focused on giving you the ultimate lifting experience. We achieve this by continually evaluating technologies and working with our team of experts and engineers to make sure we are improving and optimizing every aspect of our bars. Eleiko’s NxG bars is the culmination of this ongoing effort. We are confident the bars will help you achieve your optimal performance. After all, a bar is just a bar without a lifter. It is your experience, your lifts and performance that counts. With the Eleiko NxG bars we give you our best, so that you can do yours. 

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