Highest quality bar within NZ in this price range.

Steel - We use the best steel available to create a high tensile strength of 215,000PSI and Yield Strength 210,000PSI.

Heat treatment - used to ensure the right “whip” or “flex” is obtained.

Knurling - Aggressive knurling can become uncomfortable during weightlifting. A Mis-Pattern is used to create a full knurling this ensures a secure grip without being overly abrasive.

Bearings - Quality Ten Precision Germany Bearings are used to give you best feeling of synchronized rotation.

Precision Assembling  - Perfectly weighted, extremely strict weight and dimension tolerances.

Hard Chrome - The bar is polished twice then put through a hard chrome process.

*We reject zinc coating and believe that a chrome surface can avoid bar oxidation and chipping after long time using.

Tensile Strength: 215,000 PSI
Yield Strength: 210,000 PSI
Rotational System: 10 Needle Bearings
Shaft Material: Alloy Steel
Length: 2200 mm
Weight: 20 kg
Shaft Diameter: 28 mm
Sleeve Diameter: 50 mm
Specifications: IWF Compliant
Shaft Coating: Hard Chrome
Capacity: 1500 kg
Warranty: 3 year

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