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Equipfit Competition Sport Kettlebells

Competition ready - Design for comfort in endurance Giveroy events.

Equipfit Competition Sport Kettlebells are designed for both competiton and training. Fabricated in accordance with Giveroy standards our competition kettlebells provide a comfortable lifting experience when it counts. Reach new personal bests as we provide you with a balanced, consistent, comfortable, durable bell that is safer. You can now buy and lift with quality reassurance and peace of mind. 

Competition Ready
Made to Girevoy Kettlebell Competition Sport Standards with 35mm handles and colour coded for easy identification.
Lifetime warranty
Not offered elsewhere our kettlebells have guaranteed structural integrity for life.
Durable Single Casting Design  = No welds, fillers or breakages = Consistent and uniform lift
Gravity single mold casting means you receive one solid piece of balanced steel.  The globes are all the same size the only difference is the thicker the wall the heavier the weight. This removes the need for welded handles or fillers to make weight, which eventually rattle, break and loosen over time. No more breakages with a safer more balanced lift. 
Comfortable handle and window
Our handle and window is designed for easier insertion, increased grip and reduced lateral slipping resulting in increased comfort and performance.
Balanced Weight Distribution
Top heavy bells (heavy handle) along with pure casting allow for a more stable lift when overhead and in the rack position. This reduces the likelihood of injury and promote energy efficiency.
Increased weight accuracy
Gravity casting increases weight accuracy to have a tolerance within 300g.

A favourite for NZ's TOP Kettlebell Masters
Ekaterina Tabakova "The Kettlebell Ninja" from the NZ Kettlebell Academy.
Mike Huffam from "The Huff - no ordinary trainer" from Master Kettlebell Academy.
"I’ve been using, and teaching people how to use kettlebells since 2007 and what I love about EquipFit Competition Kettlebells is the style, the grip, how they feel in my hands, how they feel and sit against my forearms. Simply the best kettlebells I’ve used."
Mike Huffam - Master Kettlebell Academy
"Equipfit bells feel amazing which is crucial in those max rep competition lifts." 

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