Champion Approved

Calibrated and Certified for Powerlifting Competitions

Eleiko Powerlifting Competition Collars are carefully calibrated, IPF certified and beautifully designed chromed metal collars. Made for professional powerlifting, and ready for competition, the collars feature a ridged surface to ensure a secure grip when handling and are easy to operate with a quick turn screw fastening system to tighten down collars and keep discs in place. A protective inner liner is gentle on equipment, and a smart rubber inset prevents collars from “locking up.”

Designed For

Securely fastening discs on bar while powerlifting

Sold in Sets

Collars are sold in pairs to be fastened to each bar sleeve

Secure Grip

Collar’s ridged surface ensure grip won’t slip


Collars are certified by the IPF for training and competition

Collar Weight

Collars add 5 kg to overall weight on bar when in use and is carefully calibrated to within +10 g / - 0 g for each 2500 g collar


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