"Number One" in the professional weightlifting world since the 60's. 

The Eleiko Feeling
Barbells that are perfectly balanced in synchronised rotation and its solid but not overly rough grip has created the concept of THE ELEIKO FEELING worldwide.
Strength Rating 215,000 PSI
The strength rating of the Eleiko bar is 215,000 PSI. That means that it requires 215,000 pounds per square inch to pull the bar apart! The average bar usually runs about 130,000 to 150,000 PSI.
Tested for 1,500 kg
Each Eleiko bar is placed in a vice and bent with a hydraulic jack subjecting a force of 1,500 kg. The bar must spring back to an exact straightness with a maximum deviation of no more than 0.5 mm. The same procedure is repeated on the sleeves. No bar will ever be bent that much in competition or training.
Product Tracking
Every Eleiko bar carries information about the production date, batch number, serial number and the craftsman in control. It can be tracked all the way from the steelworks to the customer.